Some of the Best Moments in Life are the Ones you can't tell Anyone About




You've seen sexy couples like us around town. At a cozy dimly-lit bar downtown, sipping red wine. Her hand on his thigh, looking your way and catching your eye. And again, you see them at Haulover Beach. He untied her top, massaged oil over her ample chest... Was that flirty smile directed at you? Indeed it was...


Your imagination runs wild.. What are they like behind closed doors? You know it must be as steamy as the South Florida weather on the beach that day, but you want to know more - Wonder no more - 

We are a 30- something couple into hot porn style fun. Ever had a fantasy you wanted to play out, but couldn't? - Look no further -



Playtime (1 hour)  - -  300

Couple (1 hour)  - - 500

Outcall (returning friends only)  - - 500 (hr)

Beach Cabana Date  *clothing optional beach or regular beach*

Includes drinks, refreshments, snacks

(2 hours) - - 500

Beach Cabana + Playtime (3 hours)- - 700

Swing Club Night - You choose the venue

700 (3 hours)

Overnight - - 1500


Please make sure you are committed to your appointment. If you cancel last minute without sufficient notice (at least 6 hours notice) I will require a non-refundable deposit to reschedule. So please be sure that you are choosing the right time that fits your schedule. Also, for my own safety, I am very selective about who I meet with. If you give me any reason to doubt you, I will let you know politely that we will not be meeting.

There is nothing more appealing to me than a freshly showered gentleman. Please shower prior to the start of the session. If you are coming from a long day or directly from work you are welcome to shower here prior to the start of our session.

Please do not text message, send email inquiries, or speak on the phone in an overtly graphic manner. People who attempt to associate sex with a fee while conversing with a companion could possibly be working for government agencies. Talking explicitly will only scare off a companion and end any further communication between yourselves.

It ruins the atmosphere and mood to discuss donation in person. I expect you to leave in a visible spot within 5 minutes of arrival. If that doesn’t happen, I will politely ask you to leave.  Please Do NOT hand it to me, point it out or acknowledge it in any way. If we are meeting in a public event, I would put gift in a gift bag. Let's not ruin the mood and have an amazing adventure!



October 29-

November 07     Orlando, Florida


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